Sales of Protonord's products will start on Friday 14/6.

3DKATTEN collaborates with PROTONORD!

We have started a collaboration with Protonord where we will offer a selection of their products with production locally here in Finspång, Sweden, and we can deliver to most countries in the EU.

We will primarily offer their model-adapted protective covers for charging ports on electric cars.

Are you missing your car model?

If we are missing a car type or model, you now have the opportunity to visit Protonord in Tromsø, Norway, with the car for 3D scanning and testing and receive a free cover for your particular car as a thank you for the help.


We are a Tromsö company established in 2016 and mainly work with B2B.

We started this online store in 2022 to be able to offer locally produced 3dprint as a complement to our other services.

Sells self-developed products and takes on customer assignments where we also support selected designers on Patreon under commercial license.
Everything sold via our online store is 3d-printed locally in Tromsø.

We primarily deal with product development, prototyping, design reversal adapted to 3d printing. Part of our mission has been to recreate outgoing goods that are often produced on a larger scale using injection molding or other traditional production methods.

These services are mostly aimed at companies (B2B), but in some cases we carry out assignments for private customers.

If you are a company, startup or just a creative soul who needs product development, we are the right place. We have laser scanners and 3d printers available, as well as a network of Norwegian contacts for further production.

Visit for more information